Description of Elite Direto X Cycletrainer + Travelblock

Building on the success of its predecessor (Direto), the Direto X scores as one of the best trainers in the world in terms of performance, accuracy and responsiveness. Compared to the Direto, which simulated gradients of up to 14%, Direto X can simulate gradients of up to 18% by an increased power output that allows resistance production of up to 2100 watts at 40 km/h.

Highlights of the Elite Direto X

  • Interactive direct drive
  • OTS Power Meter with improved accuracy +/- 1.5%
  • Very quiet (50% quieter than Direto+)
  • Maximum slope simulation 18%
  • 2.100W at 40 km/h; 3.250W at 60km/h
  • My E-Training Mobile & Desktop 12 months free of charge
  • Compatible hubs QR 130-135x5mm and thru axle 142x12mm
  • Suitable for long rear derailleurs
  • Including Travel Block front wheel support


Details of the Elite Direto X Trainers


Increased Power

Compared to his "little brother", Direto X automatically adjusts resistance and simulates really challenging slopes up to 18%, four percentage points more than what Direto was able to do. It is for this reason that the Direto X is the best trainer you can have if you’re looking for unmatched power and excellent performances even during the most intense training sessions.

Absolute Accuracy

The innovative built-in power meter OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) ensures great accuracy for training sessions with the Direto X. For the Direto X, the integrated power meter allows an increased power output measurement with a +/- 1.5% accuracy, which is 0.5% more than the old Direto’s +/- 2%.

Qiet as never before

The trainer's internal mechanics have carefully redefined the elite research and development department by achieving an unparalleled level of silence. The only noise you will notice is that of the chain while changing gears during your training.

Contemporary Design

Direto's clean, sporty and sleek looks were one of its most appreaciated features. On Direto X its looks are even more versatile with added shades of chrome, in order to create refined contrasts to reproduce the surface of the metals and impart elegant, distinctive and luminous character, enriching any pain cave with contemporary looks.

Great Compatibility

DIRETO X is compatible with both road bikes and mountain bikes. Compared to its predecessors, Direto X is more compatible with long cage derailleurs working with both 11-speed and 12-speed cassettes.

Maximum Interactivity

Just as with all the other direct transmission home trainers, Direto X falls within the range of ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth interactive home trainers. This translates into total interaction of the home trainer with any kind of app, software, computer and device (smartphone and tablet) with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. Direto X can be managed with the Elite My E-Training software, available for free for 12 months, or with other indoor cycling platforms.

Anywhere and anytime, with only a few clicks you'll be able to setup the course or the training program and start pedalling: Direto X will take care of the rest, automatically adjusting resistance and managing the training session based on your requirements.

Stable and easy to transport

Its legs are foldable so it's very easy to transport and put away. It's extraordinarily stable also when sprinting or standing up. Moreover, your bike will be perfectly vertical even when the floor isn't perfectly horizontal thanks to the the adjustable scratch-proof plastic feet.

Sensorless cadence

Every Elite home trainer immediately transmits power, speed and cadence data, so they're really effective instruments to build accurate training programs and replicate outdoor training sessions. Cadence is measured through the practical sensorless technology, that is no sensors to apply to your bike, based on a sophisticated analysis of power output, measured by the OTS integrated power meter.


Features of the Elite Direto X

  • Power meter: Integrated OTS (Optional torque Sysyem) power meter
  • Accuracy: ±1,5%
  • Wireless communication: ANT+™ (FE-C, Power, Speed&Cadence) and Bluetooth (FTMS, Power and Speed&Cadence)
  • Max slope simulated: 18%
  • Max power: 2100 W (40 km/h) - 3250 W (60 km/h)
  • Control via: Smartphone, tablet, bike computer, sports watches, Windows and Mac. Computer ANT+™ and/or Bluetooth
  • Compatible with: My E-Training software & app Zwift, Trainer Road, Bikevo, Kinomap, The Sufferfest and more
  • Output: Power, speed and cadence (heart rate if connected to a heart rate monitor, not included)
  • Flywheel: 4,2 kg
  • Bike compatibility: road bike, mountain bike and city bike, also carbon ones, with 130x135 x 5 mm hubs and with quick clamping system and 142x12 mm with thru-axle (ad adapter is available for Boost 148x12 mm rear hubs)
  • Compatible cassettes: Shimano 9/10/11-speed, SRAM & Campagnolo 9/10/11-speed (Campagnolo freewheel body is available separately)
  • Connection indicator: Power source, ANT+ and Bluetooth (3 LED lights)
  • Firmware update available
  • Electrical requirements: Input 100-240 volts 50-60 hz 6A - output 12 volts 1,5A

Construction type: Interactive direct transmission trainer with electronically managed magnetic brake
Included in delivery: Cycle trainer incl.
Shimano freehub
app & desktop access for My E-Training (12 months for free)
Travel Block front wheel support
Speciality: integrated OTS Power Meter
Weight supplement: manufacturer´s facts

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